Sports are more than entertainment; they are a lifestyle developing identity and generating a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions. Sports have become a crucial element of every society; almost every country, culture and individual is connected with sports. Nevertheless, it is important to realize the whole process that it takes to keep those sports being played and delivered to people. In other words, we all enjoy sports but few times do we reflect on the business side of them.

The purpose of this blog is to analyze sports through a business perspective. Sports function as every other kind of business because they must be profitable in order to keep operating. This means that sports leagues and franchises are constantly implementing marketing and financial strategies, operations management techniques, law principles and are aware of external factors such as the economy.

We aim to provide insights on how all these and other business aspects are currently and could be applied in sports. We hope that through our daily posts our readers understand how sports organizations function and enjoy sports from a different perspective.


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