Grander Scheme of things

In keeping with the theme of sports as a measure beyond the game, I want to turn you attention to Pakistan where the budgeted Sports Entertainment sector has increased to new heights. In Pakistan, for reasons beyond my knowledge, sports is becoming more and more of social norm.

The point I want to stress is that to enjoy the fruits of sports in society, is not to enjoy teams winning, or experience dramatic plays, but rather to spend time in a unifying way with the rest of your people. It is true.

Economically, no other consumer sector can compare with sports in terms of consumer spending. But additionally, any sporting organization attracts the attention of business, fans, governments and civil society groups all at once. Such a merging of all different economic contributors implies importance.

But beyond the game itself too is faith. Having faith in the games you love keeps sports at the top. In fact, in the US, sports was a major reason for the formation of a new product category – the public good. A public good is a good which brings benefit to the public regardless of who is paying for it, as well as it’s openness to the public. Essentially, sports are free entertainment, and purposefully.

Accountants, architects, entrepreneurs, athletes, manual laborers, television, radio, advertising, government, and many other jobs come as a direct result of the sporting industry.

Astonishingly, most people would prefer any one of these jobs in the sporting world than through association with any other organization. Because sports are a fundamental human emotion. We are linked to the games we play.

In conclusion – think wisely about how you spend your money. Sports add great value to society. Additionally, you love to watch sports. So next time that you need to gout and have a good time, try watching a sports game.


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