Week 2 Recap

During this week we wrote about diverse topics regarding the business side of sports. Our first post of the week focused on how different organizations are contributing to society. We wrote about Kick4Life, a charitable organization that has used soccer to generate awareness of health and HIV in Lesotho, Africa. We mentioned the implementation of different projects from this organization and how these projects are helping this community.

On Tuesday we talked about how sports can generate economic growth and development, and how the government has intervened in sports. We mentioned that governments help building stadiums and we gave the example of London 2012. We also mentioned how stadiums are being built to give a better costumer experience.

Our post on Wednesday was focused on team ownership. Private and public ownership were compared and we concluded that private-owned teams are financially more successful than public-owned. We gave the example of NFL teams, which are the most profitable teams around the world and are mostly private-owned.

On Thursday we talked about corporate social responsibility and how this is being implemented in the food services provided by sporting arenas. We introduced the topic by showing the percentage of unsanitary vendors in sporting arenas in the U.S. We wrote about how operations management and corporate social responsibility can be a solution to this unsanitary food in sporting arenas.

Finally, we concluded this week with a post regarding what are some negatives effects of sponsorship when it is managed incorrectly. We stated that an excessive amount of sponsorship can have a negative effect both on sponsors and sport organizations because of the negative attitudes it generates on sport fans.

We hope you enjoyed reading the topics covered during this week.


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