Establishing The Issue

All Sports All Business is a blog about the international sports business, conglomerated by four University of Colorado students – Nevin, John, Juan and Owen.

More than any other form of leisure activity, sports invoke emotional connections. Sports are unifying in nature. Actually, nearly every country has a sport in one form or another. In some countries sports are respected the same as religion. In other countries, sports are the dominant economic drivers. Sports have always, and will always, shape cultures and societies worldwide.

A subject as large as sports has many niches, and subtopics. Our aim is to provide our readers with the smaller, and more specific of these topics. We feel that the lesser-known happenings of the international sports business are just as important as the larger ones, and gleam valuable insights into different world cultures.

Because we live in America, our spectrum of sports is very narrow. We know the sports that we like, and routinely engage with them. ESPN and other television broadcasting stations tend to only focus on profit maximizing sports, ignoring the thousands of other games we humans play. As it turns out, most of America’s major games got their roots from ancient sports in cultures from around the globe. In today’s accelerate society we have lost touch with the fundamentals of the games we love so much.

Not suprisingly, sports have done wonders for the business world. Sports have opened up more opportunities for businesses than any other industry ever. Sports have created a platform for a seemingly infinite number of business transactions. Without sports, business as a sector of society would be grossly underdeveloped.

As four business students, all passionate about sports and the world around us, we have a vested interest in discussing important, and bizarre business situations.

Juan, born in Ecuador, is a soccer enthusiast determined to convince Americans of the true power of the game.

John is interest in contract negotiations, and legal issues surrounding them for sports worldwide.

Nevin has a passion for marketing practices, and standards for sports that are smaller than the bigger ones in American culture.

Owen is fascinated by the coordination and business practices involved with the Olympic games.

Hopefully, this blog will shed light onto the business world in ways our readers had never seen. While this is a blog about sports, it is also very much a blog about humanity, and the incredible complexity of the world of business.


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